I have deleted my last post...Poopoo and the Hair...some of you know why and others may not know why, and I will leave it like that. If any of you who don't know why want to know why, drop me an email and I will tell you. Well, I might call you to tell you. No paper trail. So be sure to leave me a number where you can be reached. In fact...I will personally call anyone who writes asking why I deleted Poopoo and the Hair.

This does have to do with potential retribution by Poopoo, who is still dating Morton Huseman and who still lives in my basement amid the pumpkins. It is remarkable what a good jack-o-lantern carver she has become. She looks up from her gourds and huffs that her creativity is the spawn of love.

And seeing her adept fingers wielding her scalpel, I do fear for my jugular, as I have no doubt Poopoo would draw blood and worry later about the loss of life.

So I have deleted the blogpost Poopoo and the Hair. Let her carve her masterpieces while sitting on her mushroom-shaped stool in the dung, amid the pumpkins. I have things to do and I can not spend the rest of these days watching my back.


  1. Please do email me to let me know why you deleted Poopoo and the Hair, because I really enjoyed that entry. In the meantime, I am concerned about your safety...first the incident in the lunch room, and now pumpkin carving implements which may be close to your jugular. I think you need a body guard.

    1. This is killing me. I haven't revisited this stuff for 7 years and it's killing me! I just went into my docs and found the blogpost I pulled and I don't even know if I ever told you why I pulled it. And I don't even know if you will ever see this its been so long since I posted on here!

  2. seems that Morton has a kinder and more socially appropriate friend who has commented above without platitudes, in plain English. To you, above, thank you for your comments. Please tune in again soon!

  3. This has to be the most excellent retraction I've ever read. I have no idea what the original post was about, but the explanation for pulling it was highly entertaining.

    Love and Hugs from Key West

  4. Thank you. When I get to Key West, we will sit for lemon drop martinis and I will tell you the story of Poopoo and the Hair. It's a doozy.


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